Whatcom Paintings

My desire is to share through painting the simple shapes, subtle colors, and endless beauty of the Nooksack River Delta. This is my source of creative inspiration, a world of waterways, rivers, creeks, estuaries, and drainage ditches.


  • oil landscape painting from whatcom county
    Autumn Tapestry
  • Oil painting of skagit valley landscape
    Morning Rising
  • oil painting of a tree at sunset
    Graceful Presence
  • oil painting of sunset in the skagit valley
    Calm Before Night
  • Welcoming Portal
  • Into the Woods
  • Red River Blue
  • Swept Away
  • oil painting of river
    Red River Reflections
  • Nooksack Drift
  • sunny day and tree shadows on sidewalk painting
    View from the Painting Room
  • colorful painting of sun on a small creek
    Sunny Day on the Creek
  • painting of silver creek
    Silver Creek Morning
  • painting of waterway
    Luz y Sombra
  • painting by lynn zimmerman
    End of the Day
  • river painting by lynn zimmerman showing the Nooksack River
    Dawn on the River