Skagit Paintings

Travel south on Chuckanut Drive, and a world of big sky, endless waterways, and a landscape of many shades will unfold. The Skagit Valley estuary offers an always-changing landscape that shares its beauty with those who will truly look.


  • oil painting of skagit tide flats
    Song of the Tides
  • oil painting of undergrowth in the chuckanut mountains
    Chuckanut Morning
  • oil painting of a misty scene in the skagit valley
    Misty Morning
  • landscape painting of skagit wetlands
    Laying Low
  • landscape oil painting by lynn zimmerman
    Colony Creek, Morning Light
  • painting of a gray day in the skagit valley by lynn zimmerman
    Winter Tapestry
  • Keeper of the Gate
  • Suspended
  • Summer Reflections
  • Beautiful Ditches
  • Winter Reflections
  • Dreamy Edison
  • Sunny Day Reflections
  • painting of skagit estuary
    Skagit Flats
  • Reflections of the Dark Woods
  • painting of trees and field on foggy day
    Hazy Morning Dew
  • painting of water and reeds
    Golden Light
  • painting of skagit waterway
    Ebb and Flow